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MSc Project

Mobility study of shared e-scooters in Lisbon

With the introduction of new shared modes in Lisbon, shared scooters have arrived in order to respond to regular journeys of Lisbon’s citizens, as a transport mode solution for short trips, such as the first and last mile to and from public transportation. However, problems have arisen in the use of the shared scooters, which are related to safety issues of both the user and others, as well as the abusive use of public space  when parking scooters.
The aim of this study is to identify user profiles of this emerging mode, in Lisbon, as well as to characterize patterns of use, to understand the main reasons for choosing scooters, and to study the most common origins and destinations. The seek to define the bases for the definition of public policies, namely for regulation and planning of public space, having as fundamental concern the safety of users and comfort of other users of the public space.

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Mariana Cagica

MSc Student

Filipe Moura



Lisbon · E-Scooter · Shared Mobility