CYCling geo-Located AccideNts, their Details and Severities

Several cities and national authorities across the globe publish records on road accidents and crashes. This data is vital for road safety analysis, enabling researchers to develop models to understand how different factors impact the frequency and severity of accidents. However, researchers studying cycling safety face additional challenges as datasets containing solely cycling accidents are scarce, usually in the country's original language, may contain errors, among others. We publish CYCLANDS, a curated collection of 30 datasets on cycling crashes to lower the barrier in objective cycling research comprising nearly 1.6M cycling accidents. All observations include the severity of the accident. This collection fosters the worldwide study of cycling safety by providing a testbed for researchers to develop tools and models for cycling safety analysis, ultimately improving the safety of those who cycle.



A collection of 30 curated datasets on cycling safety.


With ~900k cycling accidents with geographic coordinates.


Data from Europe, North America, and Oceania.

5 Countries, 7 Regions, 18 Cities

Datasets covering Country, Region, or City-wide areas.

42 years

Data ranging from 1979 to 2021, with an average of 13 years of data per dataset.

6 severities

Datasets with different severity classes, up to 6 levels.

Accident Locations

Crashes or accidents involving cyclists are pervasive throughout the world. Knowing where crashes, collisions or near misses happen is vital for researchers and authorities to analyze, understand, and evaluate what may cause such events. In turn, such understanding can be used to hopefully decrease the number of accidents and minimize their severity, ultimately creating a safer environment for those who cycle. Check out the location of accidents on the map:

You can also contribute. If you have additional data and want to help fostering cycling safety research contact us.

Data & Code

The data and code can be found below.


Find the curated cycling accident data on Zenodo.


Find the code used to curate the data on Github.

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