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Author: mncosta

Sociedade Civil

Ecovias e Ciclovias com Gabriel Valença As cidades estão cada vez mais preparadas para a circulação a duas rodas… de bicicletas claro! Ecovias e ciclovias ganharam espaço e investimento dos municípios. Falamos delas no Sociedade Civil. Cinco dias por semana, cinco temas de interesse com…...
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Research Project Streets4All Urban space is scarce and transport facilities use a significant amount (~20%) for roads, parking, and other uses. This space has been inequitably preferring motorized modes, in particular cars. Today, many cities target the UN's Sustainable Development Goals by favoring people-centric planning after decades of…...
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Research Project MASTI It is well known that transportation can be, in itself, a major cause of socio-territorial inequalities (STIs). Indeed, social exclusion and transport poverty are highly correlated, and this correlation is both a cause and consequence of social exclusion. Recently, several new shared…...
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