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What we do


U-Shift belongs to CERIS and does research on topics related to urban mobility. Besides PhD and MSc projects, we develop research projects autonomously and in collaboration with other national (LARSYS, BEAM-CIAUD, among others) and international (PSU, ITS) research centers.

Funded Projects

Relation between Mobility as a Service (MaaS) and Socio-territorial Inequalities (STI)

Equitable and Dynamic Allocation of Urban Street Space to future multi-modal and multi-functional street’ uses.

National evidence-base and transport planning online tool to prioritize investment in active transport.

Sensory mapping of cyclable events from inertial data captured from a smartphone.

Sidewalk accessibility automatic evaluation based on computer vision and key features.

Pedestrian routing system for the elderly and for those suffering from dementia.

PhD & MSc Projects

Our partners


Besides its research activity, U-Shift also does consultancy in close collaboration with companies and institutions, both public and private, applying its knowledge and innovative capacity to solving mobility-related problems.

Funded Projects

Metropolitan evidence-base and transport planning online tool to prioritize investments in active transport

Assessing and monitoring active transportation in Lisbon

Technical support for the definition of New Urban Mobility Solutions for High End Residential Buildings

Sustainability report, social and environmental impacts of Lisbon bike sharing system 2018

Systematic annual counts of cyclists and their vehicles at 60 locations in Lisbon.

Our partners