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Mariza Motta Queiroz


Mariza Motta Queiroz has a PhD in Transportation Systems at CERIS, in the Department of Civil Engineering and Architecture at the Instituto Superior Técnico, University of Lisbon. Her thesis relates to Urban Mobility, in particular, travel behavior analysis, transport modelling and strategic marketing in public transportation. Her research interests focus on Strategic Marketing in public transportation.

Mariza is an economist with more than 30 Years of experience in a public transport operator. She is also a Vice President (Members) in PMI – Portugal Chapter.

Projects I'm involved in



  1. Mariza Motta Queiroz, Carlos Roque and Filipe Moura. Shifting from Private to Public Transport using Duration-Based Modeling of a School-Based Intervention. Transportation Research Record: Journal of the Transportation Research Board, 2674(7):540-554, June 2020.

Conferences (with procedia)

  1. Mariza Motta Queiroz, Carlos Roque, and Filipe Moura. A avaliação da mudança do transporte privado para o público em comunidades escolares usando modelos de duração. 10º Congresso Rodoferroviário Português, Lisboa, July 2022.

  2. Mariza Motta Queiroz, Pedro Celeste and Filipe Moura. Matching users´ expectations in school public behavior: where are we in public transport?. 8th Transport Research Arena TRA 2020 (canceled), Helsinki, Finland. April, 2020

  3. Mariza Motta Queiroz, Pedro Celeste and Filipe Moura. School commuting: the influence of soft and hard factors to shift to public transport. 22nd EURO Working Group on Transportation Meeting, Barcelona, Spain, September 2019. Transportation Research Procedia 47 (2020) 625–632.

  4. Mariza Motta Queiroz, Pedro Celeste and Filipe Moura. Influência das características sócio-demográficas e a distância à escola na procura latente do transporte público coletivo. 9º Congresso Rodoviário Português, Lisboa, May 2019.

PhD Thesis

  1. Mariza Queiroz. Commuting to school by public transport: on the development of marketing strategies to change travel behaviour. Supervisor: Filipe Moura (IST); Co-Supervisor: Pedro Celeste (Universidade Católica Portuguesa).
    December 2020

MSc Thesis

  1. Mariza Queiroz. Metodologia para o cálculo da taxa de uso das infraestruturas ferroviárias metropolitanas: aplicação ao caso do Metropolitano de Lisboa. MSc in Transport Operations, Instituto Superior Técnico, 2007. Supervisor: Paulo Teixeira.