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Miguel Costa

PhD Student

Fourth-year MIT Portugal Transportations Systems PhD candidate at Instituto Superior Técnico. Miguel’s doctoral research focuses on understanding both objective and subjective urban cycling safety and the link between the two. He is currently using Computer Vision and Machine Learning methods to create a platform for understanding both cycling safeties. He completed his MSc in Electrical and Computer Engineering at Instituto Superior Técnico and worked as a research fellow at the Institute for Systems and Robotics (ISR-IST) before starting his doctoral path.
During his free time, Miguel is 1 part Lego builder, 1 part amateur chef, and 1 part tech enthusiast.

Projects I'm involved in



  1. Miguel Costa, Carlos Lima Azevedo, Felix Wilhem Siebert, Manuel Marques, Filipe Moura. Unraveling the relation between cycling accidents and built environment typologies: Capturing spatial heterogeneity through a latent class discrete outcome model. Accident Analysis & Prevention, 200:107533, June 2024.

  2. Miguel Costa, Rosa Félix, Manuel Marques, Filipe Moura. Impact of COVID-19 lockdown on the behavior change of cyclists in Lisbon, using multinomial logit regression analysis. Transportation Research Interdisciplinary Perspectives, 14:100609, June 2022.

  3. Miguel Costa, Manuel Marques, Carlos Roque, and Filipe Moura, CYCLANDS: Cycling geo-located accidents, their details and severities, Sci Data 9, 237, May 2022.

  4. Miguel Costa, Manuel Marques, and Filipe Moura, A Circuity Temporal Analysis of Urban Street Networks Using Open Data: A Lisbon Case Study, ISPRS International Journal of Geo-Information, vol. 10, no. 7, p. 453, Jul. 2021.

Conferences (with procedia)

  1. Ana Karina Christ, Miguel Costa, Manuel Marques, Carlos Roque, Filipe Moura. Perceiving objective cycling safety: a systematic literature review. Transport Research Arena (TRA) Conference, Lisbon, November 2022. Transportation Research Procedia 72(2023):1380-1387.

  2. Miguel Costa, Manuel Marques, and Filipe Moura. Como é que as redes rodoviárias, pedonais e cicláveis mudam ao longo do tempo? Uma análise da rectilinearidade em Lisboa, Portugal. 10º Congresso Rodoferroviário Português, Lisboa, July 2022.

  3. Ana Karina Christ, Miguel Costa, Manuel Marques, Carlos Roque, and Filipe Moura. Percebendo a segurança objetiva dos ciclistas urbanos: uma revisão sistemática da literatura. 10º Congresso Rodoferroviário Português, Lisboa, July 2022.

  4. Miguel Costa, Paulo Cambra, Filipe Moura and Manuel Marques. WalkBot: A Portable System to Scan Sidewalks. IEEE International Smart Cities Conference, Casablanca, Morocco, October 2019

  5. Paulo Cambra, Miguel Costa, Manuel Marques and Filipe Moura. WalkBot – Desenvolvimento de um Equipamento de Avaliação da Qualidade da Infra-estrutura Pedonal com Recurso a Processamento de Imagem Tridimensional. 9º Congresso Rodoviário Português, Lisboa, Portugal, May 2019

  6. Miguel Costa, B. Quintino Ferreira and Manuel Marques. A Context Aware and Video-Based Risk Descriptor for Cyclists. IEEE 20th International Conference on Intelligent Transportation, Yokohama, Japan, October 2017

PhD Thesis

  1. Miguel Costa. Objective and Subjective Risk Mapping for Urban Cyclist: An Automatic, Ubiquitous and Continuous Approach. Supervisor: Filipe Moura (IST); Co-Supervisor: Manuel Marques (IST).
    March 2024

MSc Thesis

  1. Miguel Costa. Video-Based Risk Assessment for Cyclists. MSc in Electrical and Computer Engineering, Instituto Superior Técnico, May 2017. Supervisor: Manuel Marques, Co-supervisor: João Paulo Costeira.