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PhD Project

Impact of interventions in schools on the habits and perceptions regarding the active mobility of children and their caregivers, focusing on active mobility and voluntary behavior change

Based on initiatives from the advocacy and the public sector regarding school transportation and the independent mobility of children, the search for validation of these practices through qualitative and quantitative methods is pursued.

The proposed research seeks to consolidate practices in schools that promote active mobility capabilities of children and their caregivers in a permanent way, with focus on public schools in a Latin American city. To do this, the concepts of capability and functioning, i.e. the potential and the actual achievement in terms of activities, respectively, are brought into the mobility domain based on the Capability Approach.

Based mainly on previous experience in NGOs and social movements, this research seeks contributions mostly from the emerging studies on the relation of mobility with childhood studies, as well as from the implications of transport with behavioral studies and environmental psychology.

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Mateus Humberto

PhD Candidate

Filipe Moura


Mariana Giannotti



Travel behavior · Active mobility · Childhood studies · Mixed research approaches (quali/quanti) · Capability Approach


This research is supported by the Portuguese Foundation for Science and Technology (FCT), through the Ph.D. grant PD/BD/128057/2016.