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Ana Filipa Reis

MSc, Research Assistant

Ana Filipa Reis recently obtained her master’s degree in civil engineering at Instituto Superior Técnico, in the field of Urbanism, Transportation and Systems. In her MSc thesis, Ana Filipa made a life cycle assessment of electric scooters, considering their environmental impacts. She is currently a research assistant at CERIS, in the Department of Civil Engineering at Instituto Superior Técnico.

Ana Filipa likes new challenges and wishes to make a difference in the real world, hence, she has already had volunteering experience in Mozambique. She believes travelling is the best way to get to know different cultures and open horizons henceforth, she has traveled backpacking around Europe.

Projects I'm involved in



  1. Ana Filipa Reis, Patrícia Baptista, Filipe Moura. How to promote the environmental sustainability of shared e-scooters. Journal of Urban Mobility, 3:100044, December 2023.

MSc Thesis

  1. Ana Filipa Reis. Avaliação de impactes ambientais de trotinete elétrica através da análise de ciclo de vida. MSc in Civil Engineering, Instituto Superior Técnico, Out 2020. Supervisor: Filipe Moura; Co-Supervisor: Patrícia Baptista.