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Here is some data and tools we use in our research...

Cycling Accidents


CYCling geo-Located AccideNts, their Details and Severities. Collection of 30 datasets on ~1.6M geographically located cycling accidents across the world.


Lisbon street's inclinations

Shapefile and vectorial map of inclinations for each segment of the road network of Lisbon (2013).

Tools for surveys

Portuguese Zip-Codes

7 digit portuguese zip-codes (CP7) with coordinates.


Lisbon pedestrian network

Shapefiles of digitalized pedestrian netwokr for distinct Lisbon neighbourhoods, from IAAPE project.


Lisbon cycling network

Shapefile of Cycling network (2018) and updated GeoJSON from Lisbon Open Data portal.

Tools for surveys

Weighted Centroids

Shapefile of population weighted centroids of Lisbon Metropolitan Area, for each District (Freguesia), based on Census 2021 data.

bike sharing


Shapefile with Gira stations location, as August 2019. Data retrieved from EMEL Open Data portal.

Tools for modeling

Lisbon POIs

Points of interest from OpenStreetMap (2024), including shops, amenities, heath, tourism, entertainment and leisure