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Shared Mobility & Transit


Transit is essential for citizens movements around the country however it is more relevant in cities, mainly compact European urban spaces. Bus, subways, among others transports, coordinate themselves to cover all urban and interurban area and they are the preferred choice of millions of passengers.

Even though this preference for transit, thereĀ“s an expressive share of residents and workers that keeps using the car in their daily movements and contributing for the chronicle congestion in urban areas. In recent years, some new forms of sharing popped up in order to reduce the number of cars inside the cities. These days, sharing is presented in several transportation modes as bicycles, motorbikes and scooters; they are spread across different locations and intend to enhance the urban mobility and sustainability.

In this group, U-Shift, we analyze the demand of urban transportation modes and research new ways of intervention, throughout actions or projects that promote share mobility and transit.

To encourage the use of transit

To be part of the community

To study new share mobility models

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