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Research Project Streets4All Urban space is scarce and transport facilities use a significant amount (~20%) for roads, parking, and other uses. This space has been inequitably preferring motorized modes, in particular cars. Today, many cities target the UN's Sustainable Development Goals by favoring people-centric planning after decades of…...
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Bike Rider

Research Project Bike Rider Analysing cyclists’ data is paramount to foster cycling as a mode of transport and to help urban planners and decision makers to better design safer cycling infrastructures. In fact, with a growing trend on both data driven approaches and cycling as…...
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Research Project WalkBot Walking is an increasingly important issue in city planning. Sidewalk conditions are important to promote walking in cities and to ensure equitable accessibility for all. However, current methods of evaluating sidewalks are rather complex, subjective and resource-intensive, requiring expensive equipment or experts…...
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