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Category: Research Projects


Research Project Streets4All Urban space is scarce and transport facilities use a significant amount (~20%) for roads, parking, and other uses. This space has been inequitably preferring motorized modes, in particular cars. Today, many cities target the UN's Sustainable Development Goals by favoring people-centric planning after decades of…...
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Research Project MASTI It is well known that transportation can be, in itself, a major cause of socio-territorial inequalities (STIs). Indeed, social exclusion and transport poverty are highly correlated, and this correlation is both a cause and consequence of social exclusion. Recently, several new shared…...
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Research Project IAAPE How walkable is your city? Walkability is a concept that aims to evaluate the extent to which the built environment is pedestrian friendly. Walking, often considered the “forgotten transport mode” is nowadays regarded as the foundation of the sustainable city. Walking provides…...
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PCT Portugal

Research Project PCT Portugal The Propensity to Cycle Tool (PCT) Portugal is a research project that aims to develop a national evidence-base and transport planning online tool to prioritize investments in active transport.Planning of the infrastructure needed to change mobility patterns requires high-quality evidence. Data and…...
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Mobility study of shared e-scooters in Lisbon

MSc Project Mobility study of shared e-scooters in Lisbon With the introduction of new shared modes in Lisbon, shared scooters have arrived in order to respond to regular journeys of Lisbon’s citizens, as a transport mode solution for short trips, such as the first and…...
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Life cycle assessment of e-scooters in urban environment

MSc Project Life cycle assessment of e-scooters in urban environment Electric scooters have recently appeared on the streets of several major cities, including Lisbon, presenting itself as an environmentally friendly mode of transport that does not emit CO2 during its use. However, its production and…...
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