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Research Project

Step Home

Step Home is a research project that seeks to develop an innovative solution to help route pedestrian citizens who suffer from dementia. Current solutions are based on a person wearing a GPS device which helps others find this person. Our solution drifts from this idea by giving the wearer a possible return path to either a familiar location or to a relative.

In most developed countries, we witness a rapidly aging population, and dementia (a clinical condition that affects memory and cognitive capabilities) affects approximately 50 million people worldwide according to the World Health Organization, especially those who are elderly. On the other hand, there is the necessity to promote an active and autonomous aging, where low intensity exercise is considered to bring numerous health benefits. However, there is the problem that when elders go for a walk they might lose themselves, constituting a cause for concern for those around, which may lead to prohibiting such behavior.

Therefore, there is the need to find new solutions so that the benefits of active aging can be kept, while at the same time forearming the risk of disorientation and decrease of cognitive capabilities. With Step Home we intend to go beyond the current tracking devices, made for caretakers and close relatives, and develop a routing method, which is simple and intuitive, in order to provide a mobility experience which is autonomous and safe.


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December 2018 - Ongoing


Routing system, Dementia,
Aging Population


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The team

Filipe Moura

Associate Professor

Paulo Cambra

PhD Candidate

Pedro Rodrigues