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Paulo Cambra

PhD Student

Paulo is an Urban Planner from Técnico. Before embracing planning he first graduated in Electrical Engineering. He graduated in 2005 in Territorial Engineering, PostGrad in Real Estate Management and Appraisal in 2008, MSc in Urbanism and Spatial Planning in 2012.
Professionally he has collaborated in multidisciplinary teams, making spatial plans and mobility plans in various locations.
He is currently a PhD candidate in Transportation Systems in the MIT Portugal doctoral program. His research focus has been urban mobility, namely walkability and walking. His thesis is about exploring the effects of urban interventions in changing walking behaviour. As a parallel interest he is keen is bringing technology and data into active mobility, having successfully participated in innovative ideas competitions with active mobility related projects. He is also an enthusiast organic farmer and an ethno-gastronomy aficionado.

Projects I'm involved in



  1. Rosa Félix, Paulo Cambra and Filipe Moura. Build it and give ’em bikes, and they will come: the effects of cycling infrastructure and bike-sharing system in Lisbon. Case Studies on Transport Policy, 8(2):672-682, June 2020.

  2. Paulo Cambra, Alexandre Gonçalves and Filipe Moura. The digital pedestrian network in complex urban contexts: A primer discussion on typological specifications. Finisterra, 54(110):155-170, May 2019

  3. Filipe Moura, Paulo Cambra and Alexandre Gonçalves. Measuring walkability for distinct pedestrian groups with a participatory assessment method: A case study in Lisbon. Landscape and Urban Planning, 157:282-296, January 2017.

  4. Beatriz Condessa, Ana Morais de Sá, Paulo Cambra and José Antunes Ferreira. Land Readjustment in Portugal: the case of Sines. Town Planning Review, 86(4):381-410, 2015.

Conferences (with procedia)

  1. Miguel Costa, Paulo Cambra, Filipe Moura and Manuel Marques. WalkBot: A Portable System to Scan Sidewalks. IEEE International Smart Cities Conference, Casablanca, Morocco, October 2019

  2. Paulo Cambra, Miguel Costa, Manuel Marques and Filipe Moura. WalkBot – Desenvolvimento de um Equipamento de Avaliação da Qualidade da Infra-estrutura Pedonal com Recurso a Processamento de Imagem Tridimensional. 9º Congresso Rodoviário Português, Lisboa, Portugal, May 2019


  1. Beatriz Condessa, Paulo Jorge Monteiro de Cambra, Ana dos Santos Morais de Sá and José Álvaro Pereira Antunes. Land Readjustment Pitfalls in Portugal and the Role of Equity. AESOP 26th Annual Congress, Ankara, Turquia, July 2012.

PhD Thesis

MSc Thesis

  1. Paulo Cambra. Pedestrian Accessibility and Attractiveness Indicators for Walkability Assessment. MSc in Urbanism and Spatial Planning, Instituto Superior Técnico, November 2012. Supervisor: Filipe Moura; Co-Supervisor: Alexandre Gonçalves.